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Subway Safari 2001 to the present day.

Spawned from Oslo's underground music scene, three crazed Vikings and their welsh

dragonslaying MC manifest into this explosive musical sound.
Be it live or in the studio, the band serves a witches brew of rockin rap, ska/reggae,

with a dark punk like undertone.
The band has played extensively in Scandinavia at festivals, venues, TV and radio.

Opening for acts such as Happy Monday's, The Wailers, Madcon and Maria Mena.
They have released three studio albums and songs featuring Eggsy from GLC,

ex-Prong drummer Ted Parsons and The Yes Men.
When Subway safari hit the stage, buckle up for a tsunami wall of sound with

the exacting power of Thor's hammer and the sharp lyrics from the valley Commando's

fierce tongue as the band brings their musical madness to the masses.

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