city of the Tiger

Recorded and mixed by Sigve Bull at the grrreat Phat Cat studios! All done on the ridicolous SSL desk.

Another Bad Dream

Recorded at Subway HQ, mixed by JP Hardangen at Phat Cat.

Mental Block

Rec: Subway HQ mix:JP

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City of the Tiger - Subway Safari
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Another Bad Dream - Subway Safari
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Subway Safari - 2001 to the present day.

Spawned from the Oslo underground music scene, three crazy Vikings and a dragon-slaying Welsh MC, manifest in a musical whack from Thor's hammer.
Be it live on stage or in the studio, the band cooks up a witch's brew of Rockin' Rap,

skanky Ska/Reggae with a Punky undertone.
The band has played extensively at festivals, venues, TV and Radio, opening for acts such as Happy Mondays, The Wailers, Madcon and Maria Mena.

They have released three studio albums and collaborated with Eggsy from Goldie Lookin` Chain (GLC), ex-Prong drummer Ted Parsons, Dark Side Of The Force and The Yes Men.

Subway Safari visited Wales in 2015 and are ready for more shows abroad.




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Mental Block - Subway Safari
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Love Sick - Subway Safari
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Love Sick

Am I love sick or am I sick of love?

Recorded Subway HQ and mixed by JP.

Holding Hands - Subway Safari
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Holding Hands

Cut to the chase, woman! Recorded by us, mixed by JPH.

King Cannabis - Subway Safari
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King Cannabis

Rec: Subway HQ, Mix: JP